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Last Strops For 2015

Limited Supply Left For This Year

Last Mailing Day For Christmas Delivery Is Friday, Dec. 19th

I am offering the last run of strops for 2015. The 2 1/2" Heirloom Synthetic Vegan Friendly strop is the only model left for this year. I am planning to ship the remainder of what I have left by Friday, Dec. 19th to be sure they arrive in time for Christmas even though the US Postal Service says Dec. 20th is the last mailing date for Christmas Priority delivery. I want to thank you all for such a successful year and for the early sellout this year. Your support of my business, myself and my family is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Don't forget that I offer a $15 Practice Strop option. Normally these are only available with my first quality Artisan and Original strops but through years end you can buy one to go with your Plain Vanilla strops as well. This 2" x 19" simple steerhide strop with a thong and bead hanger gives you something to learn on rather than make costly mistakes on your good strop. In the past two weeks I had to make several rather expensive replacement strop components for customers who damaged their good strop while learning!

Please remember that I can only produce a limited number of strops each week and they typically sell out within a day or two. Thanks!

I am sorry but I am no longer able to ship outside of the USA.

I know that many international customers use various package resending services here in the USA to forward their packages to other countries. An online search should turn up several choices for those of you in other countries who wish to order my products.

Premium Heirloom Leather Strops

I make my Artisan™ and Original™ strops with either Dee Ring Grips or my heavy 3-ply Handles. Depending on width alll of my strops come with your choice of my firm, fine weave 100% Cotton or my upgraded natural Genuine Linen (on 2 1/2" strops only). No mystery cloth here, no calling cotton cloth linen when it is not. And don't forget that my strops have always featured modular construction for easy replacement of components. I also use the best leather available with zero flaws and range marks. Yes, most hides are full of natural flaws inherent in the leather that will typically have little to no effect on use but that is just not good enough for the strops I put my Heirloom Old No. 2™ name on. I will only use flawless pieces for the main strop body. Any pieces with tiny marks or cosmetic issues become either my Plain Vanilla™ strops or my inexpensive practice strops that I offer as an option when you purchase one of my top quality strops. The difference is in the details!

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; Colossians 3:23 (King James Version)

~ The Heirloom Razor Strop Co. ~

Designer And Maker Of The Original Artisan Strops !

Hand Crafted Strops and Leather Goods Directly From The Craftsman

Thanks for looking at my products. This is a small, Christian owned and run business and my products are all made here by hand, by me. I'm not a big business with a storefront or staff, and I don't stock and resell some other makers products or have others simply manufacture to my design. I am the craftsman, the manufacturer and the designer.

All of my products are designed, cut and finished completely within my own shop. My familiar strop, handle and cap designs, and the use of modular construction are now common with other makers. All of these innovations started here at The Heirloom Razor Strop Company and were based on my years of experience in leatherworking. My designs and materials have evolved the past 9 years through hands on testing of many prototypes and much positive customer feedback. When you buy an Heirloom Strop you buy from the designer and the maker.

The Difference Is In The Details

The components for my products are made here in small runs each week and then assembled to order one at a time as I fill each request. I don't make up dozens of strops and simply fill orders, I build to your requests from my proven designs and materials. My designs and leather options will vary from time to time but will always be from materials that have proven themselves over the years.

My hides are all selected and purchased in person so I can be assured of the best surface quality. Each strop piece is cut one at a time and hand worked to provide just the right feel from premium #1 grade hides. Typically only 60% of the hide is deemed usable for what I will put my Heirloom™ name on. The rest becomes trim pieces, practice strops or is thrown away as waste. If I would not own and use it myself, I will not sell it.

Notice the detail work that goes into my strops. Strop body edges are beveled, rounded, burnished and when appropriate beaded as well for a finished look. The handles and end caps are also back beveled, beaded and burnished to enhance the finish and all screw heads are aligned for a more uniform appearance. This all takes more time but is the only proper way to do the job. I don't build for speed and efficiancy, I build for quality and to do the best job possible. My strops don't only need to perform well, they must be built well. The difference really is in the details.

My Artisan™, Heirloom™, Old No.2™, Notovan™, Companion™, Fast Bridle™ and Old Timer™ strops are of my own design and are only available directly through me. Please note that similar looking designs, handles and components, and "Heirloom" and "Artisan" named strops and sets found elsewhere are simply copies of my own designs, neither made by, nor endorsed by me.

2 1/2" Heirloom Artisan Synthetic Vegan Friendly Strop

2 1/2" Heirloom Artisan Synthetic Vegan Friendly Strop

An Heirloom™ Original! My 2 1/2" Artisan™ Synthetic Strop Is A Unique Vegan Friendly Model With A Smooth Cotton second component. An Heirloom Razor Strop Exclusive

Available Now, Good Supply

  • Price: $77.00

2 1/2" Steerhide Leather "Plain Vanilla" Strop

2 1/2" Steerhide Leather "Plain Vanilla" Strop

A Basic But Still Good Quality "Plain Vanilla" 2 1/2" Steerhide And Cotton Dee Ring Strop For The Shaver On A Budget

Sorry, Sold Out

  • Price: $35.00